5 Reasons to Binge Watch Season 2 of ‘House of Cards’

It’s finally here! All of the drama, lies, backstabbing, betrayals, monologues and Southern drawls are back for Season 2 of House of Cards on Netflix! While you could always spread your viewing over a couple of months like a well adjusted human, why?! Why would you do that? It’s all here for the watching! Blow off your plans and watch one of the best political dramas in years for all these juicy reasons:

1. Frank Underwood’s Buttery Southern Accent

Rather than sounding stereotypically ignorant, Frank is back with his beautiful, thick, regal Southern accent. Much more Georgia Gentleman than Hilljack (and I think hailing from Kentucky gives me a right to make the distinction), Frank can make just about anything sound sultry. Even all of those horrible deeds.

2. The Backstabbing

Did you know that there’s no friendship in politics? No? Me neither until I started watching House of Cards. This season promises even more lying and manipulation to help dig Frank out of his holes after all of the backstabbing last season. No spoilers, but if you live for twists and turns, you’re going to love this season.

3. More Claire Underwood

As resident HBIC, Claire Underwood is taking more stands and more risks and less crap than last season. Is this “The Blind Side?” because I feel like Sandra Bullock with all the depth Claire possesses and her insanely open relationship with Frank. Their relationship has always been an anomaly, but as all House of Cards fans know, power changes people and can bring out the worst in them.  Let’s see how dark Claire can get.

4. What 4th Wall?

Aww yiss, here comes Mr. Underwood with his sideways glances, his winks, his nods, and his snake-like intentions–right to you. So what if you’re watching this on a computer surrounded by empty water bottles and half-eaten bags of popcorn? You are good friends with Frank, and when he turns his head to the left and lays that knowledge on you–ONLY YOU–well, it is worth every plan you canceled to watch all day.

5. Secrets. Oh So Many Secrets.

Zoe Barnes is a reporter scorned and while we stopped underestimating her cunning ways last season, she surprises us even more this season. Whose secrets will she keep and who will she put on blast to get ahead in journalism? What will come out, and who will come out on top? If you thought last season was crazy, get ready to have your mind blown again.

House of Cards season 2 is now available on Netflix and in all of my thoughts. This season might be even better than the first, and I think it’s totally worth blowing off all responsibilities on a Saturday and watching til the wee hours of Sunday morning. But you don’t have to take my word for it!

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