5 Predictions For The Final Season Of ‘Breaking Bad’

Breaking Bad is one of my favorite shows, and as much as I understand that all good things must come to an end, I’m still pretty bummed about the fact that this is it for the series. Every season of this show has had so many jaw-dropping twists and turns, I expect nothing less in its final 8 episodes. I can’t even begin to imagine what brilliant and shocking final moments the writers have in store for us, but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway.

So, without further ado, here are my top 5 predictions for the final season of Breaking Bad:

1. It was all a dream. Walter White wakes up in his bed from Malcolm in the Middle next to his wife, Lois, and realizes it was all a dream. Just like in Newheart! 2. Heisenberg was the name of Walter White’s sled he had as a child. It turns out the whole time an anthropomorphic sled has been making the blue meth. 3. Junior is Keyser Söze Think about it. There’s no way that he can be that dumb living under the same roof as Walter White, UNLESS, he’s actually the mastermind behind the whole operation (Saul knew of course). Last shot, he walks out of the house, slowly removes his crutches, straightens his back transitioning into a normal walk, and gets into a limo. He is never heard from again.

4. Joffrey is a jerk to everyone. Seriously. He’s such a monster in Game Of Thrones that it reaches beyond the scope of his own show and bleeds into others. 5. Marie starts wearing blue.The entire last season focuses on Marie bravely overcoming her obsession with purple and branching off in to new colors. Oh, and there’s one quick scene where Hank confronts Walt, they have a fight to end all fights. Also in that one teeny-tiny scene, several main characters die, Walter’s cancer comes back and he slowly dies alone, never receiving any of the credit or notoriety that he so desperately wanted. But Marie wearing a primary color?!?! No one would ever see that coming.photo via stuffpoint.com

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