5 photos that prove “The Big Bang Theory” cast totally won the SAG Awards last night

Even if they didn’t take home the biggest prize, there was one cast at last night’s awards that totally won the night. The 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards last night had a political bent that made headlines, but the stars still took the time to celebrate the best performances in film and TV. The Big Bang Theory was nominated for Best Ensemble for TV Comedy. And even though the cast didn’t win the top prize, they definitely looked like they had an awesome night. They totally won the SAG Awards in spirit with these five fabulous moments.

1When Kaley Cuoco got to share the red carpet with her sister Briana.

We love the style contrast between these two ladies. Kaley’s blonde hair and pink gown with Briana’s brunette coif and dark lace. But also, the resemblance is absolutely uncanny. We always love seeing stars bring family members as their dates, and these two might be the most stunning pair ever.


2When Mayim Bialik had the best response to sitting near Denzel Washington.

That’s perfect, because if we were sitting that close to Denzel Washington, it would take us at least two selfies to capture the moment, too. Because we’d be freaking out even harder than Mayim is. Although it’s too bad that, as Mayim said in her caption, she didn’t have the nerve to say hi, because we would have loved to see that.

3When Kaley proved that puppies and couture go perfectly together.

OMG, how cute is that? Kaley and her pup make the perfect pairing.  And Ruby perfectly compliments Kaley’s ethereal, feathery pink dress.

4When these two ladies totally owned the red carpet with their adorableness.

Mayim calls them “tough ladies,” and we totally agree. But they’re not too tough to have a little fun on the red carpet. These badass and hilarious ladies inspire us all the time, and we love it.

5And last but MOST important, when Simon Helberg and his wife stood proudly in support of refugees.


The SAG Awards landed at the same time that protests against the new Muslim ban were erupting around the country. We’re glad that Simon and wife Jocelyn Towne made their SAG appearance into a statement, because everyone took notice. And as a huge star, one of Simon’s best weapons is his ability to raise awareness, and he did that perfectly on the red carpet.

Overall, the Big Bang cast showed what it means to own an awards night.

That IS how it’s done. And we appreciate everyone from Big Bang Theory for keeping the SAG Awards awesome.

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