5 Oscar Nominees We’d Like to be our BFF

What do you look for in a potential bestie? What kinds of traits and behaviors would perfectly compliment your own? It’s not easy finding that special someone whom you’ll eternally adore, even when you’re fighting. And sometimes we find the coolest, most kick-ass bestie candidates within the pool of our favorite stars.

Hollywood’s biggest night is happening TONIGHT and we could not be more psyched. Are you excited? It’s going to be a magnificent evening! Our favorite A-listers are coming together to celebrate their hard work from the last year at The Oscars®. We’ll get to see them all glammed up in their red carpet attire and as charming as ever in their interviews and acceptance speeches. The most charismatic celebs of the bunch will soon become the source of endless memes, and tweets everywhere. Will J.Law ask for more french fries? Will Jared Leto share some of his hair care secrets? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime…

Here are 5 Oscar Nominees we’d like to be our BFF.

1. Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is everything. She knows her own power, but only uses it for good. And I have a feeling that being in her presence would make anyone a better human.

2. Bradley Cooper

I distinctly remember how much I hated ‘the guy who played Sack in Wedding Crashers.’ He just did such a phenomenal job playing a jerk, that I assumed that he was the same guy behind the role as well. But Bradley Cooper has so many layers that I quickly learned he was made of pure talent, rather than a typical dreamy d-bag. Beyond his constantly evolving, impressive work, I still find myself curious about him and all the layers of his personality we have yet to see.

3. Sandra Bullock

Here’s the thing about Sandy – she’s all of us. She’s each any every one of us in our most vulnerable state. She also has this way of playing that fragile side with an air of confidence and strength. She gets us. Dream BFF, for sure.

4. Jennifer Lawrence

The dork, the oddball, the outspoken woman who tells it like it is. Plus, the bad-ass, the fighter, the calming presence in a room full of chaos. Jennifer Lawrence encompasses every weakness and every strength we all have. She doesn’t let her critics get in her way. She doesn’t let her biggest fans inflate her ego. She’s basically the same person now as she was before all the fame. Jennifer Lawrence is the hero we all need.

5. Jared Leto

Please, Jared Leto. Please tell us how you’re 42 years old and look this flawless.

In addition to being a multi-talented, kind-hearted soul, he’s breathtakingly beautiful. I just want to make him cocktails, braid his hair, and learn all of his beauty secrets. I’m not alone in that, right?

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