5 game-changing chargers to keep you powered up

There’s nothing worse than trying to snap a pic when your phone suddenly dies. Everyone knows that paralyzing, powerless feeling when you lose connection from the entire world, and more importantly, from your internet friends. What memes are you missing? Whose selfie made it to the popular page? What if someone is trying to call you? WHAT DID PEOPLE DO BEFORE CELL PHONES?

As luck would have it, tech addicts like you decided that no one should live in fear of that dreaded low battery message. Here are five chargers that are changing the game and keeping you fully juiced.


Sonix Bisous Portable Charger, Shopbop $45


Wattz Up Nice Cream Cone Power Bank, Revolve, $40


Anker PowerCore 5000 Portable Charger, Amazon, $16.99


Skinnydip Lightning Bolt Charger, ASOS, $35.47


Morphie Juice Pack Air iPhone 6 & 6s Charging Case, Nordstrom, $99.95

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