5 Fictional Dystopias Where Fashion Reigns Supreme

Just because you live in a post-apocalyptic landscape or a futuristic totalitarian government is tyrannizing your society, there’s no reason you can’t look fabulous. Am I right, folks? This past week, Mockingjay released a new set of posters, featuring some high-drama fashions from District 13’s army. It was a reminder that even if the world sucks, personal style will find a way to bloom. With that in mind, here’s a look book of our favorite dystopian movie fashions:

The Hunger Games

Effie looks ready for futuristic Fashion Week in the latest Mockingjay posters.

The teaser trailers for Mockingjay showcases Peeta and Johanna in a more muted Capitol fashion than we’re used to and I have to say, I’m loving it.

Though we love the eye-popping colors and super-sized accessories modeled by citizens of the Capitol, we’re not as crazy about some aspects of their beauty regimen. Things like whisker implants and skin dying take it a bit too far.

And once Katniss is a champion living in the Victor’s Village in Catching Fire, we can all agree her knitwear game is totally on point. Is living in a world that forces kids to fight to the death worth it for those to-die-for fashions? Maybe. I mean, come on. They can simulate being on fire with fabric! Kidding. Kids shouldn’t fight to the death. They should just fight for the glory of a piece of the Aggro Crag.


We’ve been taking cues from the different faction’s almost monochromatic looks. Whether you identify with a particular faction or not, each has its own distinctive style. Not only does it make it easy to identify who else will have tons in common with you, it keeps you comfortable and ready to climb a ferris wheel when duty calls.

We spend the most time with the bold, active Dauntless and their athletic leanings are well-represented by their sleek wardrobe. Tris and Four are not only ready to jump off a train—they’re ready to look great while doing it.

Walking Dead

Before you poo poo the idea of old, dirty, ripped-up zombie-eaten clothes as fashionable, let’s examine the proof. It’s actually a post-apocalyptic landscape that lends itself to a very distressed grunge chic look. Pinterest is bursting with inspiration boards for lookalike outfits with neutral tones, rips, plaid, lace-up boots, and oversized clothing. Is it weird that nobody seems to raid a Target or something for some new duds? Sure. But if I looked as awesome as this bunch while being hunted down by zombies, I’d probably just need one set of clothes, too.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Even if you missed out on the original Mad Max movies, that’s no reason to pass on this one. The trailer looks flat out bad-ass. Will gals be flockin’ to salons to get Charlize Theron’s shaved-head ‘do? Most likely not. But she works it.

Tom Hardy is also bringing it down to style town with his bulky layered look.

And if you’re not digging the tough trend, emulate the Calvin Klein minimalism of the quartet of mysterious ladies also featured in the trailer.


And we finish off with a classic dystopian film, that nailed the retro futuristic feel.

The fashion of the film harmoniously blended a take on 1940s, punk, and plenty of leather, nylon, and vinyl. This is a future where there is essentially something for everyone.

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