5 crafty gifts for the DIY addict in your life

We all know someone whose identity is deeply rooted in their addiction to crafts and DIY projects. Their apartment is overflowing with supplies and materials in case inspiration strikes, and they would never (gasp!) hire a professional to do a home improvement project. Their clothes are covered in paint, glue, and glitter, and they couldn’t be happier about it. Every year, they surprise you with the most thoughtful homemade gifts, while you sheepishly offer your soulless, store-bought present. Sound like anyone you know?

Well, now you can honor their creative spirit with these five unique gifts for the DIY addict in your life.


Felt Succulents Kit, Uncommon Goods, $20


American Pale Ale Beer-Making Kit, Williams-Sonoma, $44.95


DIY String Art Kit, Uncommon Goods, $20


Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit, Uncommon Goods, $34.95


Lorran Oils Lip Balm Making Kit, William-Sonoma, $26.99

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