5 Blogs That Will Inspire Your Next Craft Project

Have you ever stumbled across a blog and instantly became addicted? Beautiful photography, light, and witty writing from a person you feel some kind of affinity with? I find that this doesn’t happen to me all the time, but when it does, I become a little obsessed. These bloggers are people who inspire me to create, who I want to be more like and who I want to be my friend (if any of you are reading this, hit me up, we could totally be besties). Here are my top five inspirational bloggers.

1. Joy the Baker

Joy Wilson is a girl who bakes. She’s funny, she’s down-to-earth and she won’t judge you for eating a melty, oozy, delicious treat straight from the dish you cooked it in. More than that though, she has amazing gumption and bravery and she believes in things. Recently, she upped and moved to New Orleans just because she wanted to and she’s totally rocking it. Before that, she spent time in Uganda working with Compassion International, supporting children and families in poverty. Pretty amazing, right? She has style, she has taste, and she says things like “bonkers awesome.” Joy, we could be the best friends ever.

2. Yarn Harlot

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is my knitting guru. She’s a speed demon with needles and yarn and churns things out like nobody’s business. What she doesn’t know about knitting and yarn isn’t worth knowing, for realsies. Stephanie is also an extraordinarily kind, generous, and patient person. She is currently training to ride from Toronto to Montreal on a peddle bike (that’s over 340 miles) for PWA, a charity that funds services for people living with HIV and AIDS. This is not the first time she’s done it and she has raised so much for the charity through her hard work and her blog readership. She’s also a really cool parent, the kind of mom I hope to one day be, and to top it all off, she shows you that it’s possible to live the dream, even if it doesn’t make you rich.

3. Slugs on the refrigerator

Kat Goldin is a crochet designer who lives in Scotland with her adorable family. She has done the enviable thing, and moved away from her old uninspiring desk job and made her hobby her job. She designs lovely crochet patterns that make me want to learn the craft (normally I’m a knitter, all the way) and takes the most stunning photos. If anyone can make me determined to take better pictures, it’s Kat Goldin.

4. Little Cotton Rabbits

Julie Williams is an amazing woman. She’s strong and patient and creative and lovely. Her son is Autistic and part of her blog is about their family life and what it takes to give everyone what they need. Julie really nourishes her children and does everything in her power to make them happy and keep them safe. She also designs and knits adorable little animals, and shows you how to make your own. She has a whole DIY section on patterns for her knit dolls. Superwoman.

5. The Ladies Behind The Purl Bee

The Purl Bee is the blog that accompanies epic craft shop Purl Soho, in New York City (of course). The store itself is incredible—it’s huge, it’s lofty, and it’s inspiring. And the lovely ladies behind the blog embody all the cool, humble awesomeness of the shop they work in. Their projects are simple and stylish with fantastic results, and they seem to lead these funky, fun, and family-oriented lives in New York. Jealous? Yes, yes I am.

Lizzie McCauley is a twenty-something living in Bath, England, trying to make sense of life by scribbling, crafting, and eating her way through it. She (sporadically) tweets as LizziePollie and rambles about making stuff at www.thoroughlymodernlizzie.wordpress.com

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