5 Birthday Gifs for Idina Menzel!

Today is Idina Menzel’s 43rd birthday, so let’s celebrate this special occasion by looking at 5 things that make Idina the super talented diva everyone can’t help but love.

  1. This girl can sing. Anyone who has heard Idina Menzel’s voice knows, it is a force to be reckoned with..
  • She knows when let it go. Pun totally intended. “Please welcome the wickedly talented, one and only, Adele Dazim.” I think we are ALL over it now, but Idina is a real sport for handling an annoyingly frustrating situation with class.
  • Does she age? I’m convinced that she hasn’t.
  • Her talent is versatile. From voicing animated characters, to Broadway musicals, to television shows… Idina can do it all and look like it was the role she was born to play.
  • She is a lovable diva. And that’s not easy to pull off. We know she knows that she is an absolute queen, but she doesn’t let it go completely to her head. Her performance on Jimmy Fallon is proof.
  • Happy birthday, Idina! We love you!
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