5 Birthday Gifs for Ginnifer Goodwin!

Ginnifer Goodwin is 36 today! In honor of her big day, here are 5 reasons we heart the Once Upon a Time star.

  1. She plays roles that we so relate to. We learned some hard love lessons from her in He’s Just Not That Into You. We were so angry at Johnny right along with her in Walk the Line. We cried with her in Something Borrowed, and we rooted for her in Mona Lisa Smile, because love should know no social class!
  • She has a real-life fairy tale romance. Ginnifer found her true love on set. She married Josh Dallas, her Once Upon a Time costar, in April. Talk about a cute love story in real life.
  • She’s long time besties with her Once Upon a Time costar Jennifer Morrison. How fun is that?!  Also of note, she and Jennifer look a LOT alike. Almost weirdly so. Google it.
  • She’s got great style. Her pregnant fashion sense makes us all kinds of happy. It’s practical and comfortable, but never sloppy. Check out those sleeves.
  • She rocks the pixie like nobody’s business. That’s no small thing, but Ginnifer is confident in her own skin. And that’s really why we love her.
  • Happy birthday, Ginnifer!

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