5 best foods for menstrual cramps

We get it: Menstrual cramps and PMS can be a real drag for women to deal with, and not to mention super painful too. Luckily, you can fight back with a healthy diet. Yes, it’s true! You can eat and drink your way to less painful cramps by leaving these five items on your grocery list.



We all know that the juices from pineapples can help our scent – well – down there, but who knew they could help with cramps too?! Surprisingly enough, pineapples are great when it comes to muscle relaxation, which is exactly what is needed to ease menstrual pain. It all stems from the bromelian enzyme that is known to be a muscle relaxer. So eat up. And remember, the fresher, the better!

2 Water


When it’s all said and done, water is one of the best remedies for menstrual cramps. While most people think water is the enemy during this time when you’re full of water weight, drinking H20 actually helps retain it. Most importantly it keeps you hydrated. However, going for an ice cold glass or bottle may not be the trick. Shoot for hot or warm water for a more soothing effect.



Greens veggies are great when it comes to fighting PMS, but broccoli helps multiple symptoms. The multitude of vitamins broccoli possess not only help with the regulation of estrogen levels which are responsible for mood swings, broccoli also helps decrease irritability. Not to mention breast tenderness. Not too shabby for one veggie!

4 Green Tea


If you’re in need of a hot drink during your cycle, before you reach for coffee, try green tea! Green tea not only helps soothe cramps and promote blood flow, it helps curb caffeine craving. And caffeine and cramps DO NOT MIX! On top of the soothing effect, green tea is loaded with antioxidants and will help keep you hydrated.

5 Celery


Hydration is a major to key to easing menstrual cramps. Thus, seeking out fruits and veggies that are water-based can be crucial to aiding your pain. One of the best go-to veggies is celery, mainly because they also have zero calories. So not only will your tummy feel better, your mind will knowing that your snacking is guilt free.

This article originally appeared in Essence.

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