5 Awkward Things Guys Do When Girls Aren’t Looking

That Awkward Moment is an unapologeticly entertaining comedy from the perspective of a few entertainingly unapologetic men.

It follows three friends, New York City twenty-somethings that inhabit an impossibly cool dimension of exposed brick and bottled Tecate beer. The Spectacular Now’s Miles Teller and your adolescence’s Zac Efron play Daniel and Jason, two advocates of the so-called “hookup” culture. Michael B. Jordan plays their best friend Mikey, a young doctor who is blindsided when he finds out that his wife has cheated on him and is now asking for a divorce.

In honor of Mikey’s re-admittance into the dating scene, the three vow to stay single but as fate – and first time writer-director Tom Gormican – would have it, Daniel and Jason find ladies that make them reconsider their philandering ways.

In That Awkward Moment we get to see the neurosis and minor bouts of insanity that often entail starting new romantic relationships from the point of view of three impeccably dressed men. (Whoever was in charge of putting Michael B. Jordan in all those cardigans deserves our sincere thanks).

While many romantic comedies often focus on the paranoid behavior of women, the hilarious comedy That Awkward Moment shows the anxiety of the male mind. Below are a few of those revelations from the movie.

1. They jump to conclusions as they stalk the people they like/their ex’s on Facebook

A picture says a thousand words and you will probably misinterpret those words a thousand different ways. Finding the same guy in several of his lady-friend’s Facebook pictures, Jason assumes that the two must be dating, fabricating a whole scenario in his head and angrily mutters to himself as he sits in front of his computer screen.

If your ex is in a picture with someone else then they are dating, if they are at a social gathering together then they probably have lived together for about a month and if they are touching each other then the wedding is in the fall.

2. They post cute baby animal videos on to social media in the hopes of eliciting a response

Nothing says “Hey, I really like you and I would really like to talk to you but I do not know how to approach it. I don’t want to seem creepy and just text you out of nowhere but I can’t just do nothing and hope for fate to bring us together again at like a coffee shop or Sara Bareilles concert. Furthermore, I would not know what we would talk about” like a video of a Golden Retriever puppy falling asleep in its water bowl. In an attempt to spark conversation with his lady-friend, Efron’s Jason posts a video to her Facebook page like a real modern male.

Man, if I had a dollar for every time I posted a cute, baby animal video on a guy’s wall in hopes of a response, I would finally have enough money to buy that teacup pig I’ve had my eye on.

3. They use self-tanner

At one point in the film, Mikey mistakes Daniel’s self-tanner for lotion. Why did Jordan need lotion, you ask? Well he was in the house alone and sexually frustrated. In the end, a part of him was unsatisfied, a part of him was angry and another part of him was orange.

Man, if I had a dollar for every time I used self-tanner I would have no dollars. I am very pale.

4. They throw back Ben & Jerry’s like it’s nobody’s business

In That Awkward Moment Michael B Jordan is going through a break up and, consequently, is eating his way to some emotional closure.

Man, if I had a dollar for every time I finished a pint of Cherry Garcia, I would have enough money to buy a new running gag.

5. They are already in a serious and committed relationship with their roommates/best friends

The cutest couple of the film definitely goes to the threesome of Jordan, Efron and Teller, whose onscreen chemistry even surpasses that of the film’s ordained romantic pairings. Efron and Teller share in banter that is comparable to the two balcony-bound old guys from the Muppets, only much cruder and off base. While listening to his friends’ multiple, misguided diatribes about romance, Jordan rolls his eyes like a high school freshman going Homecoming dress shopping with her mom. It’s all pretty adorable.

Jason and Daniel would do anything for Mikey, but when Mikey is in one of his cardigans I think anyone would do almost anything for Mikey.

The Awkward Moment is out in theaters January 31st.

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