5 Awesome TV Hangouts I Want To Hang Out At

It is a truth universally acknowledged that TV hangouts are at least ten times cooler than any place existing in actual reality. No-one really knows exactly why this is; some point out that it’s probably just because all our favorite characters tend to randomly congregate there. Others think it’s down to the ease with which they manage to pick out the same miraculously empty table every single time. Personally, I reckon it’s the necessarily low prices they must have for our small-screen friends to carry on going there long after they’d ordinarily be wringing out their pockets.

Here’s the run-down of my five personal favorites:

1. Central Perk – Friends

image via.Obviously, Central Perk needs no introduction. A classic, and probably the first thing that comes to mind after ‘TV hangout’.

2. The Talon – Smallville

image via.Clark Kent, muffin thief, eyes his next victim.

Converted from a stylish art-deco styled movie theater and featuring Egyptian themed interiors, The Talon was a coffee shop run by Lana Lang and owned by Lex Luthor (the source of much tension in the show). It was the perfect spot for our super-powered heroes to meet for a chat and release their pent up teenage angst.

3. The Pie Hole – Pushing Daisies

image via.Solving mysteries with Lee Pace while eating delicious, delicious pie? Sign me up!

4. Der Waffle Haus – Dead Like Me

image via.Der Waffle Haus was more than just a base of operations for the reapers: it was also a damn good place to get a decent waffle at a semi-decent price. If you haven’t heard of Der Waffle Haus, get off your arse and WATCH Dead Like Me. Or, y’know, I guess it might be more comfortable to stay on your arse to watch it. Just do it.

5. The Bronze – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

image via.Willow had a sneaking suspicion that this ‘Buffy’ might be an imposter…

Nowhere will ever be as cool as The Bronze. Apparently the only place in Sunnydale worth visiting, Buffy and co liked to meet up there after school and dance away their troubles. Alas, their troubles were never far away and I lost track of how many teenagers were killed in and around there by the end of the first season. Actually, maybe I’ll give it a miss after all…

Did I miss any? Have you always wanted to chill out in MarcLaren’s from How I Met Your Mother, or is Top Cat’s street hangout more up your alley? (pun totally intended btw.)

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