5½ Female Standup Albums You Should Be Listening to on Spotify Right Now

Let’s face it, comedy is a male dominated sport. There have been great strides, but the funny game is still tilted heavy in the dude direction. Even with recent triumphs like Chelsea Handler gaining solid footing in the late night circuit and 2 Broke Girls still not being canceled, it seems us ladies are far outnumbered in this category.

But when it comes the the jokes, we do have chops. To prove that ladies have as big of a funny bone as the men, here are 5 ½ female standup albums you can listen to on Spotfiy right now. You can get your silly fix instantly and a little confidence boost knowing the female population can bring the LOLs. Put your water and/or Pumpkin Spice Latte down when you take a listen to ensure it won’t end up on your screen when that first joke hits.

5 ½. Garfunkel and Oates, Slippery When Moist

This full on laugh machine of an album nabs the 5 ½ spot because it is not technically stand up comedy. It’s comedy rock in its most radical and gut busting form. If you aren’t already familiar with Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci, the fine ladies who together make Garfunkel and Oates, a simple description would be to peg them as the female Flight of the Conchords. But the savvy listener knows they are much more tuned into the female psyche. The lyrics are oddly relateable and super NSFW. Which means you definitely want to take a listen, but you might want your first time to be alone. It’s that special.

5. Aisha Tyler, Live At The Filmore

Aisha might look familiar to you for a number of reasons. It could be because she hosted the incredible saga that was The 5th Wheel or maybe as Joey and Ross’ girlfriend on Friends. But it’s standup where she cut her teeth and shines through. Take a listen to this album where Aisha gives some solid jokes about married life, but it came out five years there is also a spoonful of nostalgia, i.e. Myspace jokes.

4. Maria Bamford, Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome

The thrifty shopper in all of us will remember Maria Bamford as the fantastic Target lady. But it’s performing jokes, not department store hunting, where she really shines. The veteran standup comic has seen a steady increase in dedicated fans over the past few years, and this album is the perfect way to find out why. If not just for the jokes themselves, oh those voices!

3. Sarah Silverman, Jesus Is Magic

Since the release of this classic 2006 standup special, Sarah Silverman has grown into one of the biggest female stars of the comedy world. With The Sarah Silverman Show and total Roast domination, it’s been a wild ride watching her climb to the middle. But this standup special, that comes complete with some hilarious, original tunes, was the starting place for her transition into the big time. The point is, you can’t even consider yourself a Silverman fan unless you know your way around Jesus Is Magic.

2. Iliza Shlesinger, War Paint

Don’t let the WTF name fool you. Shlesinger is quickly becoming the standup goddess for the “I have to tweet this” generation. As the only female to ever win NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Shlesinger has earned every right to be playing with the big boys. This album is just a pure joy to listen too, whether she is mocking airport security or tearing your basic girls’ night to shreds. Make sure to have one of your besties listen along so you won’t be the only one on the inside of your new favorite inside jokes.

1. Tig Notaro, Live

Nabbing the top spot is more than just a simple standup album, it’s a journey of emotion and elation with the great Tig Nortaro. Starting off by confessing to her audience that she was just diagnosed with breast cancer is only the beginning of this tragic tale that spins into awe-inspiring comedy. Through revealing even more to the crowd about a string of tragic occurrences, Tig recruits people that came out for a comedy show on her side as they just want to know more about her story. This hypnotizing special with massive beats of comedy in the wake of a devastating storyline has caused many to look up to Tig as an inspiration to hold strong when going through tough times. This one is a game changer. Stop reading and start listening.

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