Celebrate the 4th of July with these awesome firework scenes in movies

Happy 4th of July! We hope you’re having a nice long weekend filled with food, family, and fun. But arguably the best part of the 4th comes tonight: the fireworks. We love gathering around our loved ones and watching the colors light up the night sky. If you can’t wait until tonight, here are 10 of the best firework scenes in movies to hold you over.

The Natural


Typically, when a baseball team wins a game at home, there are celebratory fireworks. But when they win with a walk-off home run, the real party begins. When Robert Redford’s Roy Hobbs smashes the ball out of the park, the lights fizzle and the fireworks dazzle.



Beldar’s fireworks display is feeble at first, but after a second (and a little bit of his powers), it’s the most breathtaking thing you’ve ever laid eyes on.

The Godfather: Part II


These fireworks aren’t for the Fourth, but rather for New Year’s Eve. On the surface, is appears that everyone is enjoying the celebration. But underneath the bright lights and booms, Michael Corleone has just realized that his brother Fredo betrayed him.

V for Vendetta


There’s no denying it: This explosives-turned-fireworks display is pretty epic. We think the music has something to do with it.



These are not your traditional fireworks. They’re abstract, used to demonstrate the tastes that Remy experiences when he bites into different foods. Food and fireworks? We’ll take it!

Blow Out


This is no doubt the saddest scene in the movie. Still, despite John Travolta’s sorrow, those fireworks are magnificent.

Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi


The Rebels sure know how to celebrate. We think this is one of the cinema’s finest firework displays ever.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


All hail Fred and George Weasley. Also, anything that both looks nice and annoys Dolores Umbridge is a big win in our book.

Meet Joe Black


Can you think of anything dreamier than watching fireworks with Brad Pitt? We think not.



The only thing better than fireworks on the Fourth with your crush is fireworks on the Fourth with your crush with “Don’t Dream It’s Over” playing softly in the background.

Want more fireworks magic? Here are even more dazzling scenes!

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