These 4th of July bath bombs beautifully explode in your bathtub

To celebrate America’s independence on Tuesday, you might attend a backyard BBQ, spend the day at a lake, watch fireworks, or maybe play with sparklers. Whatever you do, chances are, by the end of the day you’ll need some you time. We have a really good solution for you: an exploding firework bath bomb.

Pearl Bath Bombs is offering 4th of July bath bombs, and they’re exactly as patriotic as they sound. The bombs are red, white, and blue, and when you place one of them in the bathtub, it looks as if a firework is exploding.

And since July 4th is all about fireworks, we’re all about this bath bomb.

The company wants you to “get lit” with this bath bomb, which TBH, is a pretty enticing suggestion.

You can buy the raspberry lemonade scented bath bomb for $16.99, which is obviously pricey for one bath bomb.

But you can’t put a price on patriotism, you guys.

Actually, the reason it’s so expensive is because the company puts a ring inside each of the bombs. We’re not really sure why, but it seems like a lovely token to find floating around the tub (just make sure it doesn’t go down the drain). You can choose between sterling silver, rose gold, and gold-plated rings, as well as your size.

Watch the bomb in action:

You can buy the Fireworks Ring Bath Bomb here. Happy Independence Day, and stay safe! Things can get wild in tubs.