People are freaking out about this 48-piece McNugget meal

On this, a federally-mandated day set aside for unadulterated gluttony, we think that McDonald’s finally may have gone too far.

This week, the fast food chain announced that its Chicken McNuggets, which are pretty popular in Japan, will soon be available in a 48-count in the Asian country.

The packaging for the new-ish menu item will feature members of NGT48 (colloquially known as “Nugget 48”),  one of Japan’s most popular J-Pop groups. For every McNugget bucket purchased, customers will receive a commemorative card featuring one of the group’s 25 members. As Fox points out, a person would have to order at least 25 buckets, or 1,200 nuggets, to collect all 25 cards — and that’s assuming they never get the same card twice.

The move is part of an ongoing turnaround effort by Mcdonald’s. Last month, the company make its breakfast menu available throughout the day and recently introduced “McPick 2,” a menu option that allows customers to buy two items for just $2.

The company has also experimented with a special 50-count bucket only available during the Super Bowl, but if the 48-count bucket proves successful in Japan, a major test market for McDonald’s, larger amounts of nuggets could become available in the United States on the regular.

The buckets will officially go on sale on December 1 for ¥1,800 or about $15. That’s about 33 cents per nugget—appetizing, right?

(Image via McDonald’s.)