420 memes you’ll love even if you aren’t celebrating

On Friday, it’s not just the end of the week — it’s also 420, a day when marijuana smokers come together to celebrate their favorite hobby. And now that weed is legal in certain states, it’s never been easier to do so. As this unofficial holiday approaches, it goes without saying that there are tons of 420 memes going around.

According to CNN, 420 was born as a code among students in the ’70s who wanted to talk about weed without the people around them being clued into their conversation. As the story goes, those California high schoolers would meet up at 4:20 p.m. to smoke in that window of time between when school ended for the day and when their parents got home from work. Eventually, that code number translated to April 20th, which has been known as “Weed Day” ever since — and you don’t have to be a high schooler trying to smoke under your parents’ radar in order to celebrate.

Whether you’re celebrating 420 this year or just love memes, you’re probably going to laugh out loud at a few of these.

1. When you’re feelin’ like Snoop Dogg:

2. When the brownie you just ate is about to hit:

3. We don’t remember this part of Toy Story:

4. Financial priorities:


5. They know why:

6. Who doesn’t giggle at those numbers, though?

7. Sorry, Mom:

8. A relatable care bear:




10. Anything to keep it undercover:


11. April 19th, don’t forget:

12. Using that secret code:

13. Some girls’ favorite flower:

14. Whoever smelt it, dealt it, right?


15. Not a 420 party, anyway:


16. 4:22. Amazing:

17. Questioning all your life choices:


If you’re celebrating, have a blast on 420 — and make sure to stay safe!