4 things you need for the perfect “Twin Peaks” viewing party

It’s almost here! With less than 48 hours left until the premiere of the season of new Twin Peaks, super fans of the show are freaking the eff out. Between binge-watching the series’ previous two seasons (again) and signing up for Showtime’s streaming service free trial (please, God — let it last all season!), followers of the cult classic may be more than a little behind on their Twin Peaks viewing party planning.

But fear not! We’ve pulled together a short list of shindig essentials to celebrate the series’ return, so call up your friends and be prepared to get weird. We’re about to reach “Peak” Lynchiness!

1. Unusual décor.

Take your pick of the odd and atmospheric locales of Twin Peaks and transform your living space into a DIY immersive theatre experience! From the Great Northern Hotel to the Bang Bang Bar to the mysterious Black Lodge, you can do a lot with a little mood lighting, your roommate’s red bed sheets, and the will to thrill.

2. Quirky ’90s outfits.

Nothing is as it seems in the town of Twin Peaks, so why not do some shape-shifting of your own and dress up as your favorite denizen of the sleepy and strange small town? Don a black suit for dapper Agent Dale Cooper’s look, or steal Audrey’s retro style with a sweet sweater set and saddle shoes. No matter which way you go, a clever costume will kill!

3. Coffee and pie.

If you want your party guests to stick around, you better be serving up some damn fine coffee and the Double R Diner’s famous cherry pie. Throw some doughnuts into the mix, too. You’ll work up an appetite trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Ah, delicious mystery!

4. A “Twin Peaks” playlist.

Arguably, the most memorable moments of Twin Peaks are its most musical, too. From the show’s soap opera-like theme song to James, Donna, and Maddy’s bizarre and haunting rendition of “Just You” to Audrey’s jazz-inspired dreamy dance, the show’s music not only sets the tone, but plays a whole role of its own in the series. Put together a playlist of your favorite songs and cue them up for some pre-party tunes. Or push play post-episode for the oddest dance party this side of 1991.

Surrender to the strange. Enjoy!