4 Socially Awkward Celebrities

I think we can all probably agree that Kristen Stewart is the most socially awkward celebrity in the game right now. She is always fidgeting, playing with her hair and biting her lip in interviews and on the red carpet. At this point she must know she does all that and just doesn’t care to correct it – it’s her thing, right? People keep talking about her.


People (not just the magazine) talk about other socially awkward celebrities typically after a weird interview or maybe even a string of awkward interviews. Take Amanda Seyfried, for instance. During many of her interviews she falls back on saying “um” or “yeah” constantly, making her seem a little awkward. She has admitted, though, in an interview with David Letterman, that she suffers from stage fright and before coming out for the interview has a cocktail to calm her nerves. This is something she has to do before any of her talk show interviews, she admitted as well.


Jay Baruchel has been cast in many movies as ‘the awkward guy’ and it has been because that’s how he is in real life. Baruchel says he can play awkward “with [his] eyes closed.

Michael Cera has played awkward characters like Paulie in Juno and George Michael in Arrested Development among many others. He’s made a career out of being awkward and it seems as though he is the same way in real life too.

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