4 reasons Riz Ahmed from HBO’s “The Night Of” needs to be your new crush

You may not have watched HBO’s captivating mini-series, The Night Of, (go watch it now if you haven’t) but that doesn’t mean you can’t crush on the show’s star, Riz Ahmed. There are so many reasons to fall in love with the actor besides his captivating performance on the show. From his adorable British accent to his informed view on racial politics, the 9-minute interview from his recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert showed us why Ahmed needs to be your new crush.

He thoughtfully talks about race on national television


So yea. A man that talks about racial justice on national television with charm and grace? That’s pretty much all I need to develop a crush. Having the insight and courage to address an issue that has become such a hot topic in our current political landscape makes you instantly crush-worthy in my book.

Rapper Riz MC

Not only does he use his intellect and wit to casually bring up social issues on late-night TV, he uses it to create art as a rapper and MC. Known as Riz MC, Ahmed, has been tackling immigration and race-related issues for over a decade. His 2006 debut single, “The Post 9/11 Blues,” put him on the map. On the heels of Brexit, he released the album “Englistan,” which focuses on cultural and racial identity in England.

(OK, he needs to stop, he’s killing me.)

His sense of humor


Evident in work and interviews, Ahmed has a wicked sense of humor. During the Late Show interview, he joked about HBO’s status in television. During his freestyle, (yes, he freestyles in the interview!) he playfully mocks Ryan Lochte.

(OK. This is not fair though.)

That British accent tho

I know this is super cliché and silly but it really is hard to resist a man with a British accent, especially a man with all the characteristics above.

Watch the full interview below and make sure to stay till the end. You’re welcome.