4 Reasons Why Movie Lala is the Greatest New App

The free app Movie Lala launched for iPad (and soon-to-be iPhone) and I am Gosling about it. Here’s why:

1. It’s The First Social Network For Movies

With rabid movie fans spanning decades, and hipster culture rising, you could practically lose out on a job for not getting references to cult classics such as The Goonies or Clueless. Movie Lala is here to skyrocket your Movie IQ. If you’re ever on a really bad date, which you will be (on several), you can always save the conversation by talking about the new Spider Man before you run away. Movie Lala allows you to follow your friends, favorite stars, and directors. You can see what movies your friends are planning on seeing, and when your most-loved actors and directors have a new movie coming out. They’re also planning on debuting exclusive trailers.

2. It’s A Social App That Makes You Popular

Regular old genisus can do trigonometry in their heads. Movie geniuses are way more fun! Movie Lala makes you the sexy kind of smart because it customizes lists of films coming out based on your current ‘likes’. So you can show off and say things like, “Did you know Betty White has a new movie coming out?” before all your friends know. And, wait for it… it also curates content based on your friend’s preferences, so you can suggest movies to them and send a invites to see a picture. Your social life is going to be popping like corn, with extra butter.

3. It’s A Social App That Allows You To Meet People (IN REAL LIFE).

I know. Face-to-face interactions. So your mother’s generation. But, say you’re embarrassed because you want to see “Finding Nemo 3.” You can meet people via Lala who share your feature film interests and go with them. No one will ever know!

4. The Co-founder Of Movie Lala Is A Lady

Women in technology are walking to the front. And everyone is noticing. Co-founder Dana Loberg is one of the emerging woman in the San Francisco tech scene and gives the app a much needed feminine perspective. Support our ladies in Silicon Valley and download Movie Lala today, remember, it’s free!

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