4 Life Lessons Learned From ‘The Lord of the Rings’

In honor of Hobbit Day, which we take very seriously, here are some important takeaways from LOTR. 

Are you feeling down? Is your heart broken? Do you need to let your emotions pour out of your face so that you can sort them out? If so, you probably need a long, sappy movie marathon, complete with popcorn and chocolate. While hundreds of movies present themselves as breakup-worthy choices, you’d be surprised to know the Lord of the Rings trilogy can really heal a broken heart. Now, let me just say that I held off watching the movies for the longest time. I love all things Middle Earth, and for some reason, I was concerned the movies would limit my experience with it. I feared it would be too small, too concentrated, and not as grand and magical as I had always pictured it from the books.

So recently, I watched the movies (mainly because my husband insisted), and let me tell you, I was so not disappointed! The scenery and casting was just visually perfect, and most importantly, brought me through an emotional voyage like no other. Immediately, I realized that there is so much we can learn about life from hobbits. When you’re going through a rough time, you will appreciate that these movies take you away from your world for a while, teach you valuable lessons, and leave you ready to take on the next chapter of your life. Here are just a few lessons we can all take from LOTR:

1.  All relationships are full of ups and downs.

Even in Middle Earth, relationships are imperfect. Fathers and sons, boyfriends and girlfriends, good wizards and evil dark lords: dysfunction exists, and everyone knows it! Why does this happen both in Gondor and our real lives? Because people are not perfect, that’s why! Even Gandalf the White questioned his decision-making from time to time. But you know what? Life goes on. Your journey continues on toward your destiny. So if you have relationship turbulence from time to time, the best thing to do is to tread on in pursuit of the life you are meant to have.

2.  Don’t just hang in there, do it with tenacity!

Spoiler Alert: The most heart wrenching scene in the movie (for me, at least) is when Pippin and Merry are separated. These two do everything together, and seeing them have to part ways breaks my heart. In the absence of his companion, each hobbit finds extraordinary courage, and faces uncertainty with tenacious resolve. They end up being great heroes, even though they are on their own. Even if you experience loneliness, be brave, little hobbit; it will all work out in the end!

3.  Get yourself a true BFF.

The most obvious lesson I took away from the Lord of the Rings trilogy is that true friends will not only do crazy things for you, but they will also do crazy things with you. They will follow you to the edge of your journey, always reminding you of who you truly are, and will call you out when you forget it, because you would do the same for them. Sam knew Frodo better than anyone, and stuck with him through thick and thin, even though Frodo was incapable of being a good friend to Sam from time to time. Merry and Pippin had a great bromance, which allowed them to have fun, even through tribulations. And Legolas and Gimli were the most unlikely BFFs, but they grew to care for and trust each other with their whole lives. Friendship is important, always, but especially when times get tough, you need someone to have your back. That is what a true best friend is for.

4.  You are capable of doing unexpectedly big things.

Hobbits may be small in stature but they’ve got big potential. With a little push, they are capable of completing a great journey, and even saving the world! Your own obstacles could be your little push into a magnificent expedition of self-discovery and independence. You are a legend just waiting to happen. After a LOTR marathon, you will feel as though anything is possible. You will be ready to take on the biggest of challenges to find out just who exactly you are meant to be.

Katie Closter is a mom, actress, video game nerd, and aspiring screenwriter from the Pacific Northwest who spends her time watching Netflix, cooking, and dreaming dreams too big for her head. Katie’s superpowers include encouraging people to love themselves and to accept being loved, and changing diapers in a flash. She believes that there is room in the feminist movement for compassion, kindness, and bright pink lipstick.

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