Here’s some crazy 3D underwear that will, supposedly, shape your tush for you


The never-ending quest for the perfect pair of underwear has brought us here: So-called “3D” underwear that, via some mysterious underwear magic, will actually lift and shape your behind for you. Everything about this sounds like a brand new underwear frontier, and TBH, it sounds amazing/scary at the same time.

Japanese retailer Felissimo has this underwear listed on their page as, “3D Shorts” Yes, some of the description of the product is lost in translation from Japanese to English, but from what does make sense on the page, is that these “panties enhance your hip figure in order to raise your own confident” and “provide adequate support for the hip to avoid drooping hips.” Didn’t know drooping hips was a thing, but okay.

It appears as if the underwear works like this: the underwear is sewn in such a way that it basically raises certain areas of your tush (“scoop up the ass flow”), but also working kinda like spanx (“comfortably wrapped in a round ass”). Or, at least that’s what the fun graphics show they’re doing.


What’s very interesting is that there appears to be three different types of 3D Shorts — one’s called “support,” a second is called “guard,” and a third is called “sanitary.” The sanitary underwear is listed as waterproof, and the fact that it’s called “sanitary” makes it sound like YES, this is the perfect pair of 3D underwear for your period!

Because haven’t you always wanted ~special~ 3D period underwear?


The items are listed on the site in yen, but after a quick conversion, everything runs between $14 and $16 U.S. dollars. That’s not too bad, because they also come in the cutest colors, too. And it’s about time you got yourself a pair of bright orange 3D tush-shaping period underwear. Treat yourself, ladies.

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