World’s first 3D-printed food restaurant is coming at you in all dimensions

We knew it was only a matter of time until the 3D-printing craze overlapped with the world of fine dining, and now it’s finally happening. Food Ink., a restaurant that serves only 3D-printed food, is about to open its first pop-up location in the UK, serving up high-tech 9-course dinners from July 25th to 27th.

But how does one print out a meal? Glad you asked! Every item on the menu will be made by putting ingredients into cartridges and loading them into a special Focus 3D printer. The machine then “prints” out the food layer by layer to create a finished dish.

The downside to this high-tech culinary process? The printers can basically only print foods that are made out of paste, which drastically limits the chef’s options and makes some of the finished dishes look like, well, piles of paste. Definitely not Instagram-friendly.

Even so, the menu will reportedly include “air caviar,” fish and chips, “Caesar’s flower of life” (what?!), mystic prawns, steak tartar, and something suspiciously called “love bites.” We think it might be worth the price of admission just to find out what a “love bite” is, don’t you?