You can 3D print your face as a Lego minifigure head, but warning: It’s creepy af

3D printing is here and science has found intensely cool ways to utilize this brave new technology and not-science has found intensely silly ways to live la vida 3D.

Case in point, this Etsy vendor who will 3D print your face (wait for it) as a Lego head. Yes, from the chin up you’ll be you and from the neck down you’ll be all Lego.

UK Seller “Funky 3D Faces” takes 2D photos from customers to create lifelike 15mm Lego heads printed on sandstone that you can then place on any Lego body.


Here’s how it works:


So what would you DO with a miniature Lego you? You could make them your wedding cake toppers:


Or you can just let your inner-elementary schooler out to run free:


There’s a sale going on right now! 3 heads for the price of 2!


Are you eeked out right now? That’s totally normal and understandable. We are used to seeing Lego bodies come with Lego heads. This whole human-head-Lego-body-thing is basically what would happen if Greek mythology had to create a new monster for 2016.

As freaky as these human-head legos are, they don’t hold a candle in creepiness to the OTHER thing this Etsy shop sells- HUMAN HEAD REFRIGERATOR MAGNETS:


No, we know. NO WE KNOW.

If you’re hearing the siren’s song of little 3D heads and you must have one to call your own, you can head over to the Etsy shop and pick yourself up a little you-head here.

(Images via Etsy)

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