You can now watch movies in 3D without the glasses

The first time you put on a set of 3D glasses, you were likely blown away. Rather than just watching a movie, you get to become virtually immersed in and surrounded by it.

The only real drawback of the 3D experience for some people are the glasses themselves. They can be scratched or dirty or sometimes not fit properly on if you’re already rocking some stylish lenses. Not to mention you can really lose touch with your surroundings.

But now the brilliant minds at M.I.T. have solved that problem and created a prototype for a 3D movie theater that doesn’t require any glasses.

They call it “Cinema 3D” and it allows everyone in the theater to enjoy the same 3D experience without having to put on any clunky glasses.

Using a complicated system of mirrors that are carefully placed and calculated based on the distance of each audience member (something that can be predicted in a theater rather than done at random like at home), everyone can watch a perfectly crisp movie from every seat based on the angle they’re watching without needing any accessories at all. 

The high tech mirrors and lenses allow for people to move around and adjust themselves without losing any element of their perfect 3D experience.

The biggest difference with Cinema 3D’s approach is the fact that it is not only manageable on a larger scale, but also is a much more affordable option that similar ideas in the past.

Right now, it’s only a prototype. But with the excitement behind how well the smaller version is working, it’s likely only going to be a matter of time before we all get to enjoy a full theater like this.

And with all sorts of incredible and innovative changes coming to movies all over, something like this would be a really welcome addition to some already creative upcoming movie choices.

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