This 3D ghost manicure is nail art that will frighten even the bravest beauty gurus

If you’re searching for the most absurdly perfect Halloween manicure, we may have found it — but it comes with a warning for even the most high-level nail-art enthusiasts. While this 3D manicure is creep-tastic in the best possible way, it also looks insanely hard to recreate.

On the other hand, it’s pretty much guaranteed to scare the mini Milky Ways out of your friends, so we highly recommend giving it a try!

The 3D ghost manicure comes courtesy of a 27-year-old Dutch nail artist who goes by the name of PiggyLuv on the interwebz. She wrote in a blog post about the ghost mani that she’s “always playing around with creepy ideas,” and this creation was definitely no exception.

Featuring what appear to be a face and hands emerging from beneath her white nail polish, these Halloween nails are seriously giving us the heebie jeebies.


The nail guru uses black foil gel to create the 3D images on her nails, then covers them with a white gel polish and top coat to create the finished product.

You can watch the step-by-step in this video (and it’s actually pretty incredible — a truly sculptural process!):

If this look isn’t quite up your alley, PiggyLuv has quite a few equally creepy nail art ideas up on her Instagram page.

There’s this card trick gone seriously awry.

These (admittedly kind of adorbz) mummy nails.

And the piece de resistance, these utterly disgusting “non-nails.”


Those will definitely be haunting our nail-based nightmares until Halloween!

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