This invention will forever change life for women with big boobs

Well-endowed ladies, listen up. If you’ve struggled most of your life with the inevitable complications of having big boobs — not being able to find (cute) bras in stores, back pain, the awful way the straps can dig into your shoulders, you name it — you may now have the perfect solution thanks to 3D printing.

When industrial designers Laura West and Sophia Berman formed Trusst Lingerie, they wanted to fix the problems women with larger busts have to deal with on a daily basis. “What if our bras could support us? What if they were comfortable? Especially with larger cup sizes, why do we have to compromise support for attractiveness, and vice versa,” West and Berman wrote on the company’s website. “We were sick of the lack of options in larger cup sizes and realized the extreme need for innovation in the lingerie industry.”

The main problem with most bras is the underwire, West and Berman believe, which forces the weight of the breasts to be supported by the shoulder straps, which dig into the shoulders, neck, and back. So they got rid of the underwire, purchased a 3D printer, and — after 300 prototypes — created a design that supports the weight of breasts from beneath,“removing the burden on your shoulder straps and refocusing the support around the core of your body where your strongest muscles are,” West and Berman wrote on the site.

Although they’re secretive about the exact design of this, they used the architectural engineering principle of a truss, which is in the shape of a triangle and provides support for a structure like a roof or a bridge — or, in this case, a bust — from underneath.

Then, they launched their Kickstarter last year, asking for $25K. . . and they got just under $80K. They also created a hilarious video to go along with it, in which they had men wear bras filled with melons; needless to say, the men walked away with a newfound sense of understanding as to why, exactly, we need to be focusing on comfortable bras for bustier women.

They’ve since expanded to a team of six women and currently have three different bras — the Jessica, the Marjory, and the Suzanne — ranging from $100.00 to $130.00 in cup sizes F to J. Recently, they even presented at SolidWorks World 2016. But when can we get our hands on these beautiful heavenly bras? Currently, they’re are available for pre-order to be delivered in spring 2016, when we can *finally* say goodbye to underwire for good. And we cannot wait.