Here are the 31 best tweets from the 2017 Met Gala, for your pleasure

The Met Gala is arguably the biggest night in fashion each year, and the A-list celebrity invitees know how to turn it up appropriately for the occasion. Us normals are just thankful for social media for giving us the opportunity to tweet about the 2017 Met Gala in all its hilarious glory while we enjoy popcorn on our couch in stained sweatpants (#notsorry).

We can always count on Twitter to deliver, and these funny tweets about the Met Gala will make your Tuesday complete. Twitter’s got jokes, so sit back and enjoy the funniest Met Gala tweets of 2017. Sorry, celebs! It’s all in good fun, we promise.

Live footage of us at home watching celebs walk the carpet.


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Some of us who couldn’t make it still decided to dress up, though. false

Kind of…


Stars, they’re just like us! They get starstruck too.

Plenty of Rihanna Appreciation Tweets to go around.



That awkward moment when no one actually adheres to the night’s theme.


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She is ~ready~ for her close-up.

Such style, such grace.

This is what dreeeeeams are made of.

Bad boy 4 life.


Same. false

We’d like to thank all the invitees for bringing their A-game on fashion’s biggest night — and all the hilarious people on Twitter for their hard work.

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