7 Things all 30-somethings experience over the holidays

There’s only a week ’til Christmas and your halls aren’t even decked? Aren’t we all supposed to have a handle on this holiday stuff after experiencing it well over two dozen times? Fret not, 30-somethings, you aren’t alone. Here are a few universal truths about surviving the most wonderful time of the year post-29:

1. The existential panic of discussing your romantic life, no matter what your dating status

Shouldn’t you have a significant other? Be married? Have kids? Be more successful? Inquiring drunk relatives need to know!

  2. The awkwardness of financial mismatch

Super fun yearly conversation: who in the family actually can afford gifts and how offended will they be if you give them one anyway?

3. Having zero idea what kids play with these days (but having to buy gifts for kids anyway)

If you’re childless, and your friends or relatives have kids, prepare to feel like you’re visiting an alien planet when you enter a toy store as an adult.

4. Accepting that, in your 30s, you still can’t wrap anything that’s not rectangular

Those packages that are mostly rectangle and then have a big plastic bubble in the middle? They can go straight to hell.

5. Realizing that staying up until midnight on NYE is now optional

This is not a sad reminder of aging, it is a celebration that you no longer have to pretend to enjoy yourself while wearing glittery dresses that ITCH.

6. Eating that one thing…you know, that ONE thing that makes it the holidays

Maybe it’s a gingerbread beverage, your mom’s cranberry pie, or a holiday piroshki, but it’s your go-to shortcut into the spirit of the season no matter how old you get.

7. That one moment that of pure holiday spirit that gets you

The years go by and routine sets in, but there’s always that one pure second of holiday joy — and you’re old enough now to appreciate it!  

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