30 Things to Do During the ‘Game of Thrones’ Theme Song

When it comes to HBO’s Game of Thrones, we know a few things: Winter is coming, a Lannister always repays his debts, ravens are way slower than texting and that theme song is crazy long. Even the wolves get bored during the intro. We’re talking medieval-fantasy Queen braided hair, long. Running almost two minutes, it might not be long enough to end a war of seven kingdoms, but it’s definitely long enough to let you get a few things done in the mean time.


  1. Watch the CGI map and try to learn about fake geography in the show.
  2. Watch this Game of Thrones intro instead. And this one if you’re doing a mini-marathon. Kings come and go. 1995 is forever.
  3. Try Crossfit?
  4. Do a craft. See how many of these bad boys you can crank out. What?! You forgot how to make mini origami paper stars?! But 1995 is forever! Here are instructions.
  5. Pet your dog. No dog? Check out these sweet pups who love kids. On Game of Thrones they have wolves as pets. #truestory
  6. Pop a squat. Have you heard of the 30 Day Squat Challenge? Prime that tush for some serious GoT couch sitting.
  7. Clean your apartment/Call your parents and tell them you “Just wanted to say hi, but are cleaning your apartment.”
  8. See how high your FreeRice score can get. With every correct definition, 10 grains of rice are donated to a starving place in the world. It’d be totally Margaery Tyrell of you.
  9. Watch this Game of Thrones intro instead. 1975 is forever.
  10. Google Image search “Ryan Gosling.”
  11. Google Image search “Ryan Gosling and Dogs”
  12. Try not to focus on Ryan Gosling’s arm in this vid.
  13. Learn French.
  14. Learn Dothraki.
  15. Why regret not purchasing that awesome thing on amazon.com that you don’t need? Buy it!
  16. Regret not purchasing any of these gems.
  17. Regret accidentally purchasing this gem.
  18. Self Massage.
  20. Kill two Lannister’s with one stone and get ready for Easter while getting ready for the episode: Dragon Easter Eggs!
  21. Brush your teeth. Also do this when not watching Game of Thrones.
  22. Read your horoscope.
  23. Two words: Sun Salutation.
  24. Get yourself into a nice, almost authentic GoT costume! Halloween is right around the corner.
  25. Figure out how to play True American.
  26. Paint dem nails.
  27. Cat nap!
  28. Moisturize.
  29. Get yourself into a nice, almost authentic GoT costume! Halloween is right around the corner.
  30. Do nothing. Literally.

Before Season 4 starts, you’ll conveniently have 30 episodes to catch up on while you conquer the list or add your own! How are you spending the longest, most anticipated two minutes in TV land?

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