Get your night cheese ready, nerds — “30 Rock” has a new streaming home

You can break out the “EGOT” necklaces once more because 30 Rock has a new home.

It would be an understatement for us to say that we were distressed when it was announced that 30 Rock —alongside a host of our other favorite shows, like Friday Night Lights — was leaving Netflix in October. But it turns out, we won’t have to go far to get our Liz Lemon fix, as the NBC hit series will find itself on Hulu starting October 1st…the same day it leaves Netflix.

That’s right, come October 1st, just bounce on over to Hulu for your daily dose of TGS nonsense.

Sure, 30 Rock moving to Hulu means one more streaming platform to invest in but come on, you should already have Hulu because you need to be watching The Handmaid’s Tale, too. Plus, there’s always time to cash in on that free month trial.

30 Rock‘s arrival on Hulu is just the latest in incredible shows making the great transition from Netflix. For the first time ever, Will & Grace was made available to stream on Hulu, and joining it in coming months are There’s JohnnyMade in ChelseaFace Off, and your favorite tear-jerker (pre-This Is Us, of course) Parenthood. 

Frankly, we’re just thrilled that we don’t have to say goodbye to our neurotic icon queen Liz Lemon and our dream-nightmare boss, Jack Donaghy. Now, we can go back to living every week like it’s Shark Week.

Next, can someone please pick up the streaming rights for Friday Night Lights? Asking for a friend.

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