Blerg! “30 Rock” is leaving Netflix on October 1st, and Twitter is NOT pleased

Okay, we’re going to rip this one off like a band-aid. 30 Rock is leaving Netflix. And it’s happening much sooner than we’re ready for.

We’re pretty heartbroken over this news. 30 Rock is one of our favorites. One of go-to binge-watching shows. And one of our cheer-me-up-right-now-please shows. It’s an I-need-background-noise-while-I-do-other-things show. It’s the ultimate oh-I-love-this-show-so-much-I-have-to-watch-it-again show.

Basically, we watch 30 Rock (and quote it) somewhere in the ballpark of all the time.

So hearing that Tina Fey’s beautiful creation is leaving Netflix really adds a level of difficulty to our lives. The day we’re now all collectively dreading is October 1st. That’s the official D-Day for 30 Rock. We understand if you need to stop reading now to binge watch the show one last time.

If you need some support, the whole Twitter world is mourning together.

We’re just glad we don’t have to go through this traumatic event alone.

We’re definitely too dependent on Netflix to do this, but like, the rage is real.[/subheader]



Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by Netflix…

But in addition to feeling upset, we’re also feeling PRESSURE.

That’s a lot of television to watch before it leaves from Netflix in two weeks. Like, we’re dedicated, and it’s doable, but it’s a lot. false

We’re also a little scared for our other NBC faves.

Realistically, we’re probably going to see all of the NBC shows leave Netflix as their licenses come up for renewal. But there may be a silver lining: NBCUniversal has a partnership with Hulu now, so maaaybe 30 Rock will be available on Hulu sometime in the near future.

…but how do we survive until then!?

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