This 3-year-old’s pretend makeup tutorial proves she’s a pro beauty vlogger in the making

The future generation of YouTube makeup gurus is getting a huge jump start on honing their skills. Judging by this insanely cute 3-year-old’s pretend makeup tutorial, it’s perfectly OK to jump in and join the experts, even if you’re not quite prepared to do your own makeup IRL.

The older sister of the adorable little cosmetics connoisseur-in-the-making shared the video of the ambitious tot on Twitter, Cosmopolitan reports. Although the clip was posted in August, it’s since gone viral, and after watching this little girl in action, we totally understand why.

First off, she’s got the mannerisms down and she even greets her viewers with the warmest welcome ever. Seriously, who cares if her eyelashes are really a brush-on highlighter?! Her enthusiasm and that heartwarming smile convinced us that she knows of what she speaks.


Between this ridiculously cute video and the 4-year-old dishing makeup tips online, the future for beauty vloggers is looking exceptionally bright.