This 3-year-old doing an oil change is better at adulting than we are

Many of us would rather do anything than perform our own car repairs, no matter how simple. We can’t quite pinpoint the source of this aversion for automotive work (maybe laziness?), but this little girl doing an oil change is making us take a long, hard look at our adulting skills.

Known as the Little How To Girl on YouTube, this vehicle maintenance master is only three years old, and she’s so excited about doing a thing that none us want to have to do ever! For real, WTH is wrong with us and why can’t we be as self-sufficient as she is?

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We can’t waste time poindering such deep life questions when an absolutely adorable and charming kid YouTuber is eager to give us tips on how to keep a car up and running, even though she’s probably still getting around on a tricycle. No shade, Little How To Girl. We’re just letting you know you’re light years ahead of the game.

Anyway, this extremely thorough and fun (who are we?!) tutorial is broken down into two steps: draining the oil and replacing it. Right off the bat, we are beyond impressed with Little How to Girl’s extensive car knowledge. For instance, she knows all the proper terms that we had to double-check on Google, like oil filter, drain plug and other car parts that we typically assign vague descriptions to, like “that dusty piece right there that’s smoking but probably (definitely) shouldn’t be.”

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After she jacks up the car and drains the oil, she passes the time by eating a cookie and making up an automotive fluid-themed remix to Kumbaya. Overall, she handles all the tasks like a pro, but even her struggles are met with positivity. When she has a little trouble removing the oil filter, she immediately goes from, “Ugh, I can’t do it,” to, “Yes, I can!”

LOVE HER. Totally bookmarking this for informational and inspirational purposes.