This 3-year-old just schooled Ellen on her show because she’s the smartest preschooler in the world

Here’s what I knew when I was three years old: the words to the “I Love You” song from Barney and where my mom hid chocolate chip cookies. Ellen Degeneres had brilliant three-year-old Brielle on her show this week, who, can not only recite the entire Periodic Table, but can also explain the purposes of each specific element. As Ellen posted on Facebook, “At 3 years old, this little girl knows elements like Xenon and Scandium. I thought those were reindeer.”

I’m with you, Ellen.

The video of Ellen and Brielle’s conversation is, of course, hilarious. Brielle’s mom explains that her daughter started studying the elements last April when the family bought science flash cards. Her memory and curiosity are so powerful that Brielle is pretty much ready to work for NASA now — it’s hard to remember she’s only three! “I have shoes older than you,” Ellen laughs.

Brielle sits patiently in her adorable purple princess dress and pigtails. Ellen asks her what else she likes to learn about, and she thinks for a second.

“I know all my states and capitals,” she replies. “And I know all my countries in Europe and Africa, and also the presidents.”

Ellen speaks for all of us when she says, “You’re making me feel bad about myself.”

Ellen quizzes Brielle on the Periodic Table of Elements with some flashcards. The mini-genius nails every single card. And, as if that weren’t impressive enough, she explains why the Potassium in bananas is good for our nose function. What? I didn’t even know bananas were good for anything other than dessert bread.

Check out the full video below and prepare to have the sudden urge to apply to grad school … or kindergarden.

(Images via YouTube.)