3 Outdated Laws That Need To Be Repealed

There are laws we are all-aware of and follow… or else we know jail time is what we get. But did you know some of the more ridiculous, its illegal to play dominoes on Sunday in Alabama, all bathtubs MUST have feet in Minnesota, worrying squirrels may not be tolerated in Montana, a woman can not be on top during “sexual activities” in Massachusetts, and in California sunshine is guaranteed to the masses. Those may be laws we can laugh about and their lunacy may be obvious, but some laws, just as insane are in existence and under scrutiny, as they should be!

1. Ban on Gay Male Donors (Nationwide)

Since 1977, the FDA has banned any man that has had sex with another man from donating blood because of the AIDS epidemic. While still present in incredible number, AIDS is not really an “epidemic” anymore in this country, almost every other country has updated their screening technology and criteria to accommodate those susceptible to AIDS and allows them to donate. Not the good ol’ USA. All heterosexual donors are screened the same way any homosexual donor would be. Is an extremely promiscuous heterosexual individual or an IV drug user persecuted the same way that a prospective gay male donor is? Nope, no rules for them! Donate to your heart’s desire!

2. Woman Can Be Fired For Being Too Attractive (Iowa, USA)

Who is Melissa Nelson, you may ask? Well, it’s an interesting and disgusting story. Let me tell you this tale. Melissa Nelson was an attractive wife and mother living in Fort Dodge, Iowa. All she ever wanted was to be a dental assistant. It was a simple enough dream – what could go wrong?

Well, her boss, James Knight DDS, was a male pig; that’s what went wrong. After standing by Dr. Knight’s side for eight hours a day for almost a decade, Melissa was FIRED for being “too attractive”. Knight was like a father figure to Nelson, a mentor, and all of a sudden – midlife crisis, maybe – he was making extremely inappropriate inquiries about her sex life. When Nelson refused to give details, Knight shot back with: “That’s like having a Lamborghini in the garage and never driving it.”

Nelson wasn’t wearing revealing clothes to the office, nor acting like a tease… EVER. However, Dr. Knight kept on his pursuits of Nelson. And then the minister was brought in. The minister was brought in to deliver Dr. Knight’s message. Melissa Nelson was too attractive to work in the office and was distracting Dr. Knight from his marriage and family. This case was brought to the Iowa supreme court and deemed completely constitutional, because lo and behold, there was and still is a state law that a woman can be fired for being too attractive!

3. Arizona Papers Law (Arizona, USA)

Arizona SB 1070 was enacted in 2010 and stated that ALL immigrants must carry their papers with them at all times, and may be stopped by law enforcement at ANY TIME and subject to present their papers. Yes, Arizona is directly abutting the Mexican border, and yes, there may be many illegal immigrants crossing. I am not disputing that. But requiring people that could be third generation Americans of Latino descent to prove that they are not here illegally on any street corner? I call that an outdated law that needs to be repealed. Arizona is the only state to have such a harsh and far-reaching law. Most state police departments discourage such inquiries and interrogating in order to not deter possible illegal immigrants from reporting crimes and cooperating in investigations unrelated to their alien status.

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