These are the 3 most expensive degrees in the entire world, and we’re kinda in shock right now

We can pretty much all agree that college is expensive. Like, really, really expensive, like this-is-why-millenials-don’t-buy-houses-or-cars expensive. But we’re honestly feeling pretty grateful for the hit our accounts took to get us through college, because the 3 most expensive degrees in the entire world are so pricey they make what we dropped for our own degrees seem, well, way more manageable.

According to Business Insider, these surprisingly strange degrees are the most expensive degrees in the entire world. You should note, too, that the prices only reference tuition costs without even taking room and board and other expenses into account, so these are even more horrifying than they sound. Stressing about money really impacts students, so this sucks. We don’t know how to feel right now. It really has us wondering why we even go to college, you guys… JK. Sort of.

So what are the most expensive degrees you can get?

1If you attend the Tufts University School of Medicine for a Doctor of Medicine degree, you’ll spend $238,056


2At Bard College, you’ll pay $253,520 for a Bachelor of Music

3At The University of Cambridge, you’ll drop a hefty $332,000 for a Doctor of Business degree


Now this is why we’re so about getting every single thing you can out of your formal education. Like, holy crap! These are SO MUCH MONEY. And, remember, this is without room, or books, or travel, or ANYTHING. Just the school part. We are baffled.

 We’ll just make ourselves feel better by saying these have to be life-changing, mind-blowing programs, right? Right.

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