This artist’s 3-D embroidery hairstyle art is such a cool way to celebrate womanhood

Think cross-stitching is boring? THINK AGAIN. One artist is using embroidery to create 3-D portraits of women, and the results are stunning.

Sheena Liam, AKA the winner of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2, posts photos of the beautiful embroidery on her Instagram account, Times.New.Romance. The art features life-like hair made from thread and yarn that gives each piece of art a 3-D effect, immediately evoking a sense of movement.

From thick Dutch Braids, to high buns, to long, flowing locks, each portrait brings with it a sense of emotion. Some — like the life-size portrait she spent a month working on, featuring a cross-legged woman with long braids — are both empowering and powerful.

Others capture normal experiences, like eating a bowl of noodles or trying to get a handle on your messy bun.

Some have a more somber tone, and the movement of the hair helps translate that tone in a way a static image cannot.

Liam also offers us a powerful lesson in perseverance and developing our skills, which she demonstrates by devoting entire works of art to things she struggles with.

"I always have anxiety when it comes to hands -- it's my weakest spot. But you also overcome it by drawing them over and over again," she wrote.

Thank you for positively taking our breath away, Sheena!