This 3D Disney nail art isn’t functional at all but is completely awesome

Everyone loves Disney. No matter your age, sex or background, Disney appeals to the kid in all of us.

And wearing Disney, even in the subtlest of ways, helps keep the joy present at all times. Therefore, Disney Nail Art is a thing, a wonderful, wonderful thing. We’ve seen designs based on Disney films, characters, princesses, worlds, and the theme parks.

DIY Disney nail art is a way to add a little magic to your every day. But one nail artist took the trend to a new limit: 3D.

Full-on three dimensional Disney princess figurines rising from her nail beds.

Emma Worcester of @weirdandwonderful things posted a pic to Instagram with the bonkers art.

Throw back to when I made these fantasy nails a couple of years ago X #nailart #notd #manicure #fashion #disney #sleepingbeauty #rapunzal #tangled #yasmin #pochahontas #ariel #thelittlemermaid

She also makes jewelry like brooches, lockets, and necklaces with Disney scenes made of clay.

We NEED an Urusula brooch in our lives.

Now, we need her to create more 3D nail figures with every Disney princess that exists. We don’t know if we would ever wear them, because, like, one trip to Disneyland, and they’d break instantly.

But we would totally obsess over them on Instagram.

Or maybe even try them out, just long enough to hold an at-home Disney princess fingernail parade for ourselves.