3 Actors-Turned-Authors and Their Awesome Upcoming Books

Actors were born to express themselves, so it’s never a surprise when these performers one day decide they should also tackle the medium of books. Some actors actually started as writers and then became well-known actors, so it’s really only natural that a book should be one of the tools in their belt. And whether it’s a collection of essays, a fun read for kids, or even a foray into the wonderful world of fiction — I am so there. Check out these actors-turned-authors with books coming soon!

Amy Poehler’s upcoming book will give us something we all crave: personal advice, stories, and tips on life and love all from the amazing queen herself. It’s coming out October 28th so get off your butt and pre-order now!

BJ Novak just revealed the cover of his new children’s book coming out September 30th, and is there anything more intriguing than a picture book with no pictures? Well, maybe how those terrifying flying snakes can fly or perhaps how it makes no sense that planes fly — but as far as books go, this one takes the cake. He’s already tackled the essay genre, so I’d say a turn at adult fiction could be next.

And coming October 14th is Neil Patrick Harris‘s choose-your-own-adventure telling of the tale of his life. It purports to be a “revolutionary Joycean experiment” and the blurb says I get to choose if I want to audition for Doogie or not and which caviar to try at Elton John’s party. Um. As Amy Poehler might say: yes, please.

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