There’s a 25,000 person wait list for this $7 foundation

We know it sounds unbelievable and a little bit crazy, but there are 25,000 people on a wait list for a new foundation made by The Ordinary, which is set to release on mid-April. If you’ve never heard of The Ordinary, they’re a makeup brand that functions under the company Deciem, and although they’re not as popular as Maybelline or Lancôme, their makeup has a strong cult following.

Here’s where it gets even weirder. This new foundation only costs $7. We swear this is not a joke. If you’re a fan of The Ordinary, you might be not surprised at all, though, because their cosmetics tend to be extremely affordable. Their brand is known for packing high-performance, medical-grade formulas into simple-looking packaging, all for a low cost. And this foundation is no different.

The Ordinary’s new foundation comes in 21 different shades, and you can choose from a lightweight Serum Foundation ($6.70) or the highly-pigmented Coverage Foundation ($6.90), both of which contain SPF 15.

The Serum Foundation gives you medium coverage and it has a serum-like feel (hence the name). The Coverage Foundation, on the other hand, is a non-oily, creamy kind of makeup that will give you a photoshopped finish. However, it’s not too heavy, so it won’t look like you’ve caked on too much.

The SPF used in the foundation is mineral-based, allowing you to avoid all the nasty chemicals that are so often found in typical sunscreens.

The Ordinary originally had the release date for this foundation set for mid-March, but they had so many requests for pump tops instead of droppers or caps, so they had to spend a little extra time giving the people what they want.

These foundations will stay on for hours, reduce the look of fine lines, and make you feel even more glam than you did when you woke up. Join the other 25,000 foundation enthusiasts if you feel so inclined!

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