25 times Hilary Duff won Instagram, hands-down

1.That time Hilary Duff showed us how to grunge-layer in the most chic way, ever.

2. The moment we all realized Hilary might be part mermaid (#hairgoals).

3. When Hilary was like Hi, hello, I’m staying in bed tonight and eating ice-cream, and it’s a Saturday and SO WHAT?

4. That time her French bulldog was masquerading as a Russian grandma.

5. Remember when Hilary Duff taught us the ONLY way to properly stuff a piñata? Once you go solely strawberry Starbursts, you don’t go back.

6. Hilary Duff posted this Instagram when she couldn’t sleep because her “stupid brain [wouldn’t] shut off,” and we were like, BEEN THERE, GURL. BEEN THERE.

7. Here’s Hilary Duff’s son Luca living his best life at Disneyland/California Adventure —it looks like he’s on the Ferris wheel! #BestMomAward

8. Oh, just Hilary Duff at her fave work out class, Rise Nation, climbing Mount Everest but on a machine. No big deal (actually, very big deal —I tried this class and only made it to 2,000 steps —and I almost passed out doing it).

9. That time Hilary Duff couldn’t decide what beverage she wanted —so she got ALL OF THEM BECAUSE YOLO.

10. Here’s Hilary speaking the ultimate morning truth.

11. Who knew Hilary Duff could make the most aesthetically pleasing (and probably most delicious) sweet potato fries from scratch? Now we know.

12. All! Hail! Hilary Duff! Queen of succulents!

13. This is the day Hilary Duff pulled a most adorable #tbt and channeled her inner Lizzie McGuire by wearing denim overalls.

14. When Hilary Duff wore a Minions backpack and captioned this Instagram, “The new Balenciaga,” and we were like, SLAY, GIRL, SLAY.

15. The time Hilary Duff was ALL OF US when we didn’t get the “cute new ‘fall’ cup” at Starbucks because the seasonal cup is basically half the magic of Starbucks and not getting one is pretty disturbing.

16. Or when Hilary Duff wanted to let her trainer know that her post-workout snack is an orange Push Up, because Hilary knows that rules were meant to be broken.

17. That moment all of us decided we, too, wanted to be cats on Halloween —even if it’s a little ~basic~.

18. When Hilary Duff partnered with Johnson & Johnson for a really good cause.

19. Or when Hilary Duff was sick in bed but also wanted to work on her skin complexion because she wastes no time on this here earth.

20. The magical day she chopped off almost all her hair and looked stunning…

21. And then proceeded to dye her new hair pink because why not?

22. Remember when Hilary Duff made the best glasses recommendation on Instagram, and you HAD to have them?

23. Or when she uploaded this pic of her school pickup outfit and proved you can wear wear tiny shorts and still be ~high fashion~.

24. When Hilary had a normal person moment when she realized she had no more room in her phone to take new pictures and took this screenshot to vent her frustrations with technology.

25. Hilary Duff has always been the princess of Instagram. But even before Instagram and Lizzie McGuire, Hilary was just a ’90s kid wearing ’90s hair, posing for a very ’90s glam photo. You’ve been crushin’ it, ALWAYS, Hilary.