25 Most Beautiful Women on Television: The HelloGiggles Edition

Maxim magazine recently named Elisha Cuthbert the most beautiful woman on TV. There’s no denying the girl is smoking. She has been playing hottie after hottie for much of her acting career. But I’ve never found her more beautiful than she is on her current gig, Happy Endings, and let me tell you why: she’s so funny! She is not afraid of looking like a fool for the sake of a laugh, and in my eyes, nothing makes a woman prettier! Here is a list of some other women, in no particular order, whose personalities and ability to make us laugh or cry make them beautiful, inside and out.

Casey Wilson – Happy Endings

Speaking of Happy Endings, can we get some love for the hi-lar Casey Wilson, who plays Penny the abbreviating, love seeking, trouble making friend to all? Everyone watch her and love her. K? Thnx. Byeeee.

Zooey Deschanel – New Girl

Oh, Jess. How cute are you?! She’s a girl’s girl, a guy’s girl, a girl your mother can love, a girl your brother can love…Often imitated, but never duplicated, she is someone that we can all love.

Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings – Two Broke Girls

I couldn’t pick just one of these sassy ladies. One is a newer face and the other has been making us laugh for awhile now. They may play broke on TV, but whatever they’re selling, I’m buying it.

Busy Philips – Cougar Town

I am jealous of Michelle Williams because she gets to be real life best friends with one of TV’s best best friends. Can we all please toast our giant wine glasses to the beautiful and fun and funny Busy Phillips?!

Amy Poehler – Parks & Recreation

If you told me I was going to love a show about town politics in Pawnee, Indiana, I wouldn’t have believed you. But Leslie Knope engages us week in and out. We root for her and love her no-nonsense sincerity. She is honest and determined and smart. Oh yeah, and I guess she’s funny, too.

Tina Fey – 30 Rock

I know it’s over, but I don’t care. I want to include Tina Fey on this list of beautiful women on TV. She’s been awkward and independent and rocking glasses since before it was cool. Liz Lemon spoke for an entire community of underrepresented women in our society. Wherever Tina Fey goes next, I want to go to there.

Mindy Kaling – The Mindy Project

A triple threat to say the least, Mindy Kaling is a writer/producer/star of her new show. Her character, Mindy Lahiri, has a grown up job as a gynecologist, but sometimes still acts like your best friend in college did. She is beautiful and successful and single. And a little hot messy, but that’s okay.

Suzy Nakamura – Go On

You might recognize Suzy Nakamura from her guest appearance on almost every single show you watch, but currently you’ll know her as the sweet, but a little crazy Yolanda on the new Matthew Perry sitcom Go On. And if we ladies can’t support a fellow sweet, but a little crazy, then who can we support?!

Rashida Jones – Parks & Recreation

Who doesn’t love Ann Perkins? Her love life might be kind of a mess, but as a nurse, avid community volunteer and right-hand woman to Pawnee’s most valued resident Leslie Knope, she has the rest of her life together. A great lesson in priorities, ladies!

Lena Dunham – Girls

As producer, director, writer and star of the HBO series, Lena Dunham is killing it right now. And her character, Hannah, isn’t doing too bad either, maintaining her independence in Brooklyn. She also reminds us that you don’t have to be Barbie to feel comfortable in your skin. Thanks, girl.

Ellen DeGeneres – The Ellen Degeneres Show

Ellen doesn’t play a character on TV, but she is definitely a character. And a role model and a philanthropist, and a comedian, and even a Cover Girl. And she keeps us dancing. What more can you ask for?!

Lauren Graham – Parenthood

Every time she plays a mom, I wish she was mine (no offense to my actual mother who I also love). And Sarah Braverman might be my favorite mom yet. Lauren Graham will be playing a MILF until she’s old enough to be playing a GILF.

Ariel Winter – Modern Family

As smart little sister Alex of the Dunphy family, Ariel Winter reminds us that smart is pretty. And cool. So yeah, she’s pretty cool.

Deborah Ann Woll – True Blood

Boys all over Bon Temps, living or undead, wanna swap blood with firecracker vampire Jessica. And while she did do Hoyt dirty, we forgive her because she was young and naive, and really seemed to care about everyone involved.

Kerry Washington – Scandal 

Who wouldn’t want Olivia Pope on their side?! She can cover your ass and keep her own covered at the same time. Gotta love a woman who can get it done.

Clare Bowen – Nashville

Scarlett O’Connor has the sweetest little voice on television. She’s making her way to the top of the music industry by staying honest and true to herself. And wearing the cutest country outfits.

Cecily Strong – Saturday Night Live

Cecily is a new face on SNL and while she may play the girl you wish you hadn’t struck up a conversation with at a party, I’m thinking she is actually exactly the kinda girl you’d wanna have at your party!

Jamie Chung – Once Upon a Time

Jamie is currently playing the kick ass warrior Mulan, but do you remember that she started out on The Real World? Jamie stopped being polite, and started getting real – Really talented, that is.

Maya Rudolph – Up All Night

Even though her character lost her talk show, it is still the Ava Show in my eyes whenever Maya Rudolph walks into the room. She may make a lot of mistakes, but always wants to use her popularity for good. And honestly, I’m still not over her awesome Whitney Houston impressions.

Whitney Cummings – Whitney; Love You, Mean It; 2 Broke Girls (creator)

Much like my Yorkie, Whitney Cummings is making her mark all over the place. With shows on CBS, NBC and E!, she is keeping herself busy and doing her best to make us laugh, one way or another! Whitney is living proof that if you don’t have at least three shows going at once, you are a failure. J/K, but how awesome is it that she can do it?!

Kaley Cuoco – Big Bang Theory

Penny may not be the brightest crayon in the box, especially next to her genius neighbors, but she holds her own. And we love that she dates the geeky (but still adorable) Leonard, even though she’s obviously smoking hot and could get any guy ever.

Michelle Trachtenberg – Gossip Girl

She may have played manipulative bad girl Georgina Sparks on the series, but Michelle has been one of the prettiest girls on TV for awhile now. Every time I see her on a talk show I am impressed by her cool but friendly attitude. She holds her own amongst the most glamorous women of Gossip Girl, and wherever she goes next I’m sure she’ll do the same.

Alyson Hannigan – How I Met Your Mother

As a friend, Lily is thoughtful, dedicated and not afraid to throw herself under to save you. As a wife, she is loyal, sexy and rarely jealous or controlling. And as a mom, she’s still having fun! I wish I could be as cool as this breezy beauty.

Rachel BilsonHart of Dixie

I love watching a New Yorker try and find her way around the South. Dr. Zoe Hart is doing her best to fit in yet stay true to her roots, and who wouldn’t love a girl who wants to fix hearts for a living?!

Dot Marie Jones – Glee

I love this lady. She is strong, yet vulnerable. Her approach may appear masculine, but she embraces her femininity as well. Coach Shannon Beiste throws out the rules for how she is “supposed” to act and who she is “supposed” to be, and I think that makes her beautiful.

Of course there are so many awesome ladies on TV. They don’t call it the boob tube for nothing. J/K, I have no idea why they call it that. But this list is just the beginning. Who do you think are the most beautiful, inside and out, ladies on your screen?!

Photos via: fanpop.com, tv.msn.com, nbc.com, ign.com