25 times Michelle Tanner’s wardrobe totally foreshadowed her career in fashion

Fuller House premieres on Netflix this Friday (February 26) and, while most of the cast signed on to return for the new series, there was one notable exception (or two, depending on how you look at it). Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who shared the part of Michelle Tanner, weren’t able to make it for the reboot, because they’re, you know, busy running a fashion empire on the east coast. Michelle’s absence from Fuller House will be explained by (wait for it) her being busy running a fashion empire on the east coast.

Sure, it’s a nod to MK&A’s real lives, but Michelle Tanner: Fashion Icon gave us major #fashiongoals throughout the years on Full House. Here are just a few of those times:

That time she wore a hot pink cat sweater with matching sunglasses and we were jealous forever.


The time she played basketball in the house, in primary colors. 


The time she wore cat ears before Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift decided it was cool. 


The time she tried to scare off one of Danny’s love interests, but all she did was look scary amazing. (The teased hair. The leather jacket. The everything.)


The time she wore a plaid denim vest and nothing more needs to be said. 


The time she proved that Statement Buttons were a viable thing. 


The time she wore a farm sweater with a crinkle paper headband, just because.


The time she redefined golf chic in overall shorts. 


The time she wore a navy and green sailor dress and we still don’t know what to do with ourselves. 


The time she wore THIS HAT. 


The time she was Lady Liberty in the cutest high-waisted shorts.


The time she performed an alt rock version of “I’m a little teapot” and her outfit still somehow stole the show. 


The time she wore this mixed denim/print dress and a perfect necklace and her bangs were like WHOA. 


The time she just DGAF and her outfit was still on-point. 


The time she wore the most ’90s pair of overalls that have ever existed. 


The time she brought a donkey home and her pink and black ensemble was the thing we couldn’t stop looking at. 


The time she made us all just want to dress like sailor girls all the time forever. 


The time she was crowned Princess of Disney World in the world’s best striped sweater set. 


The time her denim scrunchy/red shirt/denim pants combo was so great she had an out-of-body experience. 


The time she made us all want bangs and headbands and stripes before it was cool. 


The time she made us want to take up horseback riding just for the outfits. 


The time she defined #tutugoals.


The time she was SO socially conscious with her fashion, even as a kid. 


The time she decided to treat herself to a full Batman costume years before Ben Wyatt. 


The time she took fashion inspiration from Full House‘s OTHER best-dressed cast member. 


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