25 times Jennifer Lawrence was the most real

One of our favorite internet best friends, Jennifer Lawrence celebrates a big birthday today — she’s now 25!

Yes, 25 years ago, a little baby girl named Jennifer Shrader Lawrence was born, and one day she’d grow up to steal our hearts in more ways than one. The girl plays one of our favorite heroines, Katniss. She’s won an Oscar (along with being nominated a handful of other times). She is constantly standing up to to the media, with regards to sexism and silly questions, and she handles everything like a BOSS. Not to mention she really loves pizza, and so do we, and that basically means we’re, like, best friends, right?

So in honor of J-Law’s big day, here’s just a quick list as to why she’s the best person on this planet. There are actually a million reasons she’s the best person on this planet, but we’ll limit ourselves to just 25 today.

1. Jennifer might be a huge movie star, but she’s just like you and me. At age 11, she did NOT get her acceptance letter to Hogwarts, and no, she’s still not over it.

2. She also trips and falls, just like you and me. Except that her graceful falls happen on national television… moments before she accepts an Oscar. 

3. OK, she falls a lot.

4. When she celebrated the other nominees in her category the best way possible: by making a Mean Girls reference.

5. She’s often too busy to date, so she dates the same way that we do (in our minds).

6. ANYTIME she makes a face.

7. Doesn’t matter what kind of face, we love them all.

8. All the faces.

9. Often, J-Law says exactly what’s on her (and our) mind.

10. And now, a brief interlude dedicated to J-Law’s favorite thing: Food.

11. Sometimes she wins awards, and even though it might look like food, it’s not actually food, and that’s disappointing.

12. Jennifer knows what’s most important during the day.

13. She will remind you again and again that she’s got a one-track mind, and the only thing on it is fries.

14. If the question is “do you want some candy?” J-Law has her answer ready to go.

15. It might be time to go into the HUNGER GAMES, but there is always time for a snack.

16. Just because she’s on the red carpet doesn’t mean she’s NOT going to ask the important questions.

17. And don’t you dare give JLaw the promise of food, just to disappoint her in the end by only providing her with words. You can’t eat words.

18.  That one time she explained her intense prep to get ready for the Oscars.

19. There’s the time she made a mess, and tried to play it really cool.

20. Whatever is going on here.

21. Once, J-Law got a TV show spoiled for her on the red carpet, and she reacted like how we would. With a giant WHAT?? and then some rage.

22. Then when she delicately stroked Josh Hutcherson’s face, like we all want to sometimes.

23. Evey time she fangirls like the rest of us (because she was about to meet Jeff Bridges).

24. And just every time she was 100% real.

25. Keep doing your thing, Jennifer. We love you.

(Images via The Weinstein Company, Giphy and Rebloggy.)