24 years later, and Loonette from “Big Comfy Couch” is still mega gorgeous (and goofy)

If you were a ’90s kid who grew up on television, there’s a 99% chance that you spent a good amount of time hanging out on a ridiculously large couch with a clown. And if you’re a ~real ’90s kid~ you get the reference! We’re talking the one and only Loonette (aka, Alyson Court) the ah-mazing clown from Big Comfy Couch, the Canadian TV show we were #blessed enough to also get in the states.

Like, come on. How precious is our beloved Loonette the clown?



So, so cute, and so, so sweet.


She was the nicest of clowns. Seriously, 2016 clowns, take notes. We really prefer this kind.

And we can’t forget her ~mad skills~


No matter how hard we tried, there was no way we could make that level of flexibility happen. But boy did we try.

You may also recognize Court as the voice behind the ’90s TV series Beetlejuice, and she was also in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures, also an EXCELLENT product of the ’90s. According to IMDB, her most recent acting ventures have been Murdoch Mysteries (2016) and Inspector Gadget (2015).

And she only gets better, because Loonette, aka Alyson Court, is still just as cool as ever.

Her throwback tweets are ah-mazing. false

As are her election tweets. false

Like, come on. How funny is she?! false

And she’s still clowning around. false

And she’s super gorgeous. false

She has a super cute son, because DUH she does. false

We love you, Loonette the clown! We’ll miss Big Comfy Couch basically forever.

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