24-karat gold ice cream is the fanciest Instagram food trap trend yet

Right around the corner from Disneyland, Snowopolis of Anaheim is swirling up some magic of their own. As in, 24-karat gold magic…all up in their soft serve.

This dessert shop, located in the Anaheim GardenWalk, serves up all kinds of Insta-worthy creations, but their most recent hit is their 24-karat pure gold ice cream. And at $14.95 a pop, it’s certainly worth its weight in gold.


This treat really is all gold to its core. Edible gold is mixed into the soft serve and gold dust gets sprayed onto the cone itself. The ice cream is then carefully swirled into the cone to make just the right base for the gold leaf wrap. That’s when it gets really intense.

Each 24-karat cone takes about eight minutes to create. There are only a couple of employees at Snowopolis who have been trained in the art of gold cone creation, and it’s certainly an acquired skill. The gold leaf is so delicate that even slightly touching it will cause it to stick and fold. The sheets are carefully applied to the ice cream, one at a time, and gently form to the curves of the swirl thanks to gold’s reaction to cold. Using tiny wooden tongs, the ice cream artist adjusts the gold and perfects the shape. After a sprinkling of additional gold dust, the glittery treat is ready for its Instagram debut.

And while the finished product is stunning to look at, it’s also totally delicious. As for the flavor? It’s surprisingly unchanged by all that gold. Smooth, creamy vanilla comes through loud and clear, and the waffle cone adds the perfect crunch and texture. Plus, this thing is super fun to eat. After one bite, you’ll find yourself with shimmering gold lips and a whole lot of yum. Honestly, it’s like we don’t even need rose gold anymore and trendy charcoal ice cream is a distant memory.


Check out Snowopolis in Anaheim to get your gold rush…and your sugar rush…all at once.