People are trolling 23andMe results with playfully savage memes

23andMe is a company that tells you your ancestry based on your genetic makeup. Swab your cheek and find out what percentage you’re Polish. It’s a bit dubious, and for that reason, people have started trolling the brand with their own *genetic makeup* results. 23andMe delivers your “ancestry composition” in the form of percentages, as in “your ancestors are 99.8% European” and other similarly vague information. But to be fair, the company also provides genetic health risk reports, like your likelihood of developing breast cancer, which is valuable and potentially life-saving information.

However, people have been lightly roasting the ancestry component with these 23andMe memes (23andMemes, tbh). Shoutout to Mashable for noticing it first. One person made a mock-up that listed their ancestry as a compilation of “Bitch, lover, child, mother, sinner, saint,” and touché. Someone else made a mock ancestry report for Andrew Cuomo. Another person just wrote “gay, more gay, extremely gay…” and on and on. We’re also pleasantly impressed with Twitter’s photoshop skills in this meme challenge.

If you’d rather be blissfully unaware of your disease risk or you just don’t like the idea of your 23andMe data being sold off to researchers, then scroll through these playfully savage memes instead of actually 23andMe’ing yourself, because honestly, these memes are so much more fun.

We give you, 23andMeme’d:


If this meme challenge got you curious about your actual ancestry, 23andMe is currently running a Mother’s Day promotion — making their ancestry package only $79.20 for a limited time.

We don’t know, we’ll just stick with our memes for now. We like knowing our ancestors are a cross between skater boy, see you, later boy, and not good enough for her.

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